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Tree Climbing
Climbing is and always has been an art in itself, climbing May be performed in the removal or pruning of trees in a confined space. Often these trees overhang property and services where great care needs to be taken. Each branch or limb must be rigged down, Using techniques and procedures that offer a safe and damage free outcome with low impact to the surrounding area.
Pruning & Shaping
These are a very important part of tree work, much more than removals, it is imperative that qualified persons only perform these cuts as location and placement is essential to the health and longevity of the tree. Thinning, and weight reduction are also very important to correct structure of the tree undergoing preventative or corrective maintenance.
Tree Felling
The art of felling is not one to be taken lightly. In these instances, a risk assessment and Safe Work Plan will be carried out before the commencement of work. Felling is not always possible in a suburban area. It's is more likely that felling would occur on larger blocks or acreages. In these cases every precaution will be catered too in the interests of safety.
Revegetation of land to its native state involves woody and exotic weed control Replant and rehabilitating natural areas including waterways for a total native restoration. Only species endemic to these areas should be used. Ultimate Tree & Landcare can facilitate this and a myriad of natural land area management services.
Mulch & Firewood Sales
We also offer aged forest mulch which is aged and turned regularly to provide excellent water retention and promotes growth to your garden. This can be delivered and spread if need be. This is a premium mulch and has no weeds or palm within. Firewood seasoned and split is also available for delivery by the m3 quality clean burning hardwoods selected to be split. All at a very competitive rate.
Stump Grinding
Not all companies are as comprehensive with stump removal as UTL. Most are likely at best, to blast over what you can see and leave root systems, which are more often than not the reason for removal. At UTL we offer many options to facilitate any further plans for the area. For example, to concrete over or build over the area. In these cases a simple Stump grind is not enough, we have to machinery for all scenarios.
Our 12" capacity woodchipper is available for hire with operator to process vegetation on your property , turning them into mulch which is a great way to not only promote healthy growth but cut down on water use and weeds in the garden.
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